Our Sustainability Journey


Jewellery is a tangible reminder of our identities; of experiences we’ve encountered; an affirmation of who we are. Much like the fashion industry, the rules of jewellery are changing to suit the needs of our planet. From our manufacturing processes and environmental impact to social change, we are committed to our sustainability journey. Our practices include changes to our packaging, production, the materials we use and workflow within our studio. Beyond that, we are dedicated to supporting local communities, we aim to offer full transparency and tracing, and hold a commitment to zero waste programs to prevent excess materials ending up in landfill. Our designs are timeless; and from our studio culture through to our packaging why shouldn’t our legacy be too?



Environmental Sustainability

Our Materials

Our jewellery is designed for endurance and it all starts with our materials. Kirstin Ash is committed to using premium materials for long-lasting wear. We source all our materials in accordance with the UN regulated guidelines to ethical and sustainable practices. Our cultured pearls come from freshwater mussels; and throughout the sorting process we ensure our suppliers use each pearl regardless of shape or size; as well as helping to avoid unnecessary waste, it certifies an individuality to each piece. Our suppliers source conflict-free gold, silver, rhodium, palladium and diamonds in accordance with the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol. 



Our Supply Chain

We’re committed to providing transparency across our supply chain. Having fostered trusting relationships throughout our network we work closely to ensure each supplier adheres to our brand values and implements responsible business practices. Our suppliers are proud members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, a not-for-profit organisation established to promote responsible ethical, social and environmental business practices. Through the guidance of amfori BSCI and SEDEX Smeta Ethical Conduct Standards, our suppliers have made strong commitments to support the health and safety of employees, and to reduce consumption of natural resources and overall environmental impact.



Our Packaging

We’ve selected sustainable materials from the best craftsmen to refresh our packaging. The results are reusable jewellery boxes with a focus on timeless design. Made from 100% recycled card and paper, each box uses eco-friendly inks, and features a matte aesthetic; while our soft, reusable vegan suede travel pouch is designed to carry and protect your forever pieces. For those special pieces that deserve a little extra love, our luxurious, solid boxes are also reusable and made from vegan suede.



Our Studio

We care about our staff and the footprint we as a collective leave on our planet. If there’s a better choice, an earth friendly alternative for our workspace, we will always choose to implement it for our Kirstin Ash team and the broader community.

As we progress, we understand there are new opportunities to learn, adapt and transition our practices. Plastic packaging in our supply chain has now been reduced by 70% and it’s our intention continue to reduce our plastic use as much as possible as we continue to evolve our processes.

Plastic has previously played an important role in protecting our product during transport, we have removed bubble wrap mailer bags from our process and use 100% recyclable mailers with recycled newspaper padding for protection. Any soft plastics received in the studio are collected and sent to a recycling facility to be made into new products such as bin liners and food packaging.



Social Sustainability

We are drawn to social impact initiatives that match our values. We want to amplify the effect where we feel it’s needed most; at the grassroots. It’s here, we believe we can embark on tangible and enduring social change. We have previously designed, created and donated 100% of profits to charities and disaster relief such as the 2020 Australian Bushfires and the Christchurch Earthquakes; we continue to work alongside charities and school fundraising initiatives; we have implemented custom designs to address social need for charities such as COPE (Centre of Perinatal Excellence) - a non-profit dedicated to improving the mental and emotional wellness of new parents; and we are currently working on expanding our future social impact strategies.



Our Commitment

We are committed to adjusting, improving and supporting the development and the professionalism of our global community. We see sustainability as an opportunity rather than a challenge, and we are committed to adhering to the principles of sustainable development. As we continually look for ways to improve our practices and bring about transparency to our supply chain, we hope you’ll join us throughout the evolution of this journey.



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If you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.  Contact us: sustainability@kirstinash.com