Birthstone Guide

Birthstones ~ a personalised curation of sentimental semiprecious stones with empowering qualities. Lean into your essence and select the stone for you.


January - Garnet

The stone of protection. The deep red Garnet symbolises love and protection ~ thought to imbue self-confidence, remove inhibitions, and keep those you hold close safe.


February - Amethyst

The stone of wisdom, intuition, and harmony ~ protecting and calming the spirit. This deep violet stone is thought to encourage the purest aspirations.

March - Aquamarine

The stone of serenity. Legend has it the stone could control the waters, bringing serenity and protection to those who journeyed by water ~ boost its wearer's well-being.


April - White Topaz

The stone of awareness. Just like it’s clear aesthetic, the White Topaz stone supports in clearing thoughts, creating order, cementing intentions, and encouraging individuality.


May - Emerald

The stone of love. This regal green gem is thought to heal the heart, promoting an optimistic and open-hearted approach.


June - Freshwater Pearl

The stone of purity. Associated with patience, hidden wisdom, and peace ~ these moon-like natural beauties are empowering and timeless.


July - Ruby

The stone of passion. Commonly associated with vitality and exuberance, Rubies are believed to have the power to align and bring energy to the body, and the heart.



August - Peridot

The stone of prosperity. Often called the “gem of the Sun", Peridot’s warm green colour has often been associated with prosperity, love, happiness, and wealth.


September - London Blue Topaz

The stone of loyalty. Blue Topaz is associated with wisdom and communication, thought to alleviate fear, and encourage trusting yourself and others.



October - Pink Tourmaline

The stone of compassion. Worn to promote compassion and sympathy towards others, this is an excellent stone for healers and space holders.

November - Citrine

The stone of abundance. Citrine’s sunny tones are thought to attract joy, clarity, and abundancy ~ lifting the mood and bringing prosperity and success.


December - Tanzanite

The stone of intention. Tanzanite is thought to keep its wearer balanced, sincere and in harmony, promoting clear and effective communication.