Australian Bushfire Crisis

Wednesday 8th January 2020

We are so incredibly grateful for the support from all of you that have placed online orders over the past 24 hours. It’s truly amazing! We are so very proud to announce that we will be donating $18,969.46 to support the bushfire crisis!!

The amount will be donated between @redcrossau @wireswildliferescue and @nswrfs.

There is certainly a very long road ahead. Today is extremely smokey here and there are many fires still burning. It’s so positive to see communities come together, and every contribution is one step closer.

Thank you all so much xk

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Tuesday 7th January 2020

Please note our fundraising donation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who supported us.
We are so overwhelmed by the sadness and tragedy that is happening all around us. For the next 24 hours we are donating 50% of all online sales to @redcrossau @wireswildliferescue and @nswrfs.
Like so many, I’ve spend days waiting and hoping my in-laws family’s farm isn’t going to burn down with huge bush fires surrounding it. So much worry and many tears. A special place which our family has cherished over the last 10 years.
Many have already lost everything. It’s unimaginable. The last month has been horrific and so much worse than anyone could have imagined. Climate change is happening and not only do we want to support the crisis that is now, but hope we can all work together to protect our beautiful country and planet.
There are so many wonderful stories of communities supporting each other, so heart warming and positive during this time. We have to stay strong. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the heaviness and sadness of this disaster but I believe it’s also a time to unite and focus on the strength of community with everyone doing their bit to help. Climate change is not just about one solution, it’s about everyone coming together and making changes, big and small.
The fire fighters and volunteers, where do I find the words. Utter dedication and bravery, the footage is just so scary and unbelievable - our heroes. I hope with all my might more rain arrives soon to ease the load.
If you have been thinking of buying some KA Jewellery, 50% of all online retail sales for the next 24 hours will go towards supporting our people and country during this horrific time.
Sending love and light xk
Please note our fundraising donation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who supported us.